The Essiac Formula
Long before Europeans set foot on North American soil, native healers had discovered the medicinal powers of herbs, and in fact, many of the packaged drugs we use today are based on traditional aboriginal wisdom. (For example, painkillers like Aspirin® were formulated using the knowledge that many First Nations used the bark of the willow tree to ease pain.) However, with the rise of drug companies and the proliferation of medical technology, for much of the 20th century traditional herbal medicines were out of favour. Many health professionals are now taking a more holistic approach and are rediscovering the benefits of natural herbal formulas. Many recommend ESSIAC®, an herbal tonic based on ancient Ojibway tradition that has been available since the 1920s. This blend of four different herbs helps to support the immune system.

The Story of ESSIAC®
ESSIAC® began with a chance encounter in 1922 between an elderly prospector's wife and a Bracebridge, Ontario registered nurse. One day while at work, Nurse Rene Caisse was asking a woman in her 80s about her medical history. The woman mentioned that in her youth she'd been very ill, but far from a hospital or clinic. A First Nations elder had given her a tea made from herbs.
Fascinated by the story, Rene Caisse began to explore the possibility of making this formula herself. After contacting many people, she found an Ojibway elder who showed her the herbs to use and taught her to blend them in just the right measures. Soon Nurse Caisse began giving her herbal tea to patients who were interested in its possibilities.
Because her tea – which she named "Essiac,” her last named spelled backward – was helping many who tried it, Nurse Caisse was backed by a group of doctors who financed her to set up a testing laboratory in Toronto. However, the Bracebridge Town Council soon lured her back to her hometown by offering her a clinic in the old British Lion Hotel.
For many years, Nurse Caisse helped thousands of people from across Canada and around the world with ESSIAC® tea. The four herbs in the tea are:
  • Sheep Sorrel Leaves
  • Slippery Elm Bark
  • Indian Rhubarb Root
  • Burdock Root
Each of these four herbs has properties that have long been known to herbalists. These properties include detoxification, astringency, antimicrobial action, and other factors that support the immune system.

Purchasing ESSIAC®
After a long and successful career, Nurse Caisse sold the rights to ESSIAC®, and Essiac Canada International now manufactures the supplement. Although there are many imitators, there is only one authentic formula, so be sure that the tonic you order has Rene Caisse's picture and signature on the box. ESSIAC® is made only in Canada.
The herbs used in the formula are grown especially for Essiac Canada International, and they are cultivated without the use of herbicides or pesticides. The formula is available in vegetable capsules, extract, and powder form. ESSIAC® is a natural health product that supports a healthy immune function – something more and more of us need in these stressful times.
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